This is a bit of twine code that can help to make your games more gender inclusive. You can put this in your character creation section, or the beginning of your story and easily format your stories pronouns and honorifics in a way that is personal to your reader.

Included in the program is the code itself, instructions on how to use it and a working example. Please use this and change as you like. Obviously it is for and written in twine so their license applies here but as far as what I made you can use it as you like for any purpose.

If you like it, comments, donations, or a note in your credits and a link to your project would all be cool!

Cheers and happy storytelling!

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could this code also work for sugarcube in twine 2

thanks for this, i found this super useful!

I glad :). Happy Twining!

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Your tutorial is not for Twine, which is an IDE/compiler, but rather for the Twine 2 compatible story format, Harlowe.

The distinction is important as there are multiple versions of Twine and multiple story formats for each version—e.g. Twine 2 comes bundled with Harlowe, Snowman, and SugarCube.  Most story formats use a somewhat different syntax relative to their contemporaries, so that makes the distinction of paramount importance.  The code in your tutorial only works in Harlowe.


You are absolutely right. I corrected the title. Will further edit to make it clearer what it is for when I am on a computer. Thanks for the help.